Go Deep Scuba Roatan Adventure

Cayuco Reef Divers

Paradise Beach Hotel

August 6-13, 2022

Diving the West End of Roatan

Arrival & Check-in

A group of 22 spent a great week diving and sightseeing at West End on the Honduran island of Roatan.  August 6-13, 2022 found Go Deep Scuba at Paradise Beach Hotel diving with Cayuco Reef Divers.  We had 20 divers and 2 more along for a sunny & warm Caribbean vacation.  All of us enjoyed the white sandy beach in front of the hotel and the picturesque sunsets from the bar & restaurant area.  Watching the sun set over the blue Caribbean Sea dotted with boats and swimmers is hard to beat.

Getting checked in and registered the first morning was a challenge.  After the transport bus picked us at the airport, it was about a 30-minute drive to the West End.  Upon arrival, I found out that the hotel did not pay attention to my room roster I provided before our arrival.  I spent about 1 ½ hours registering all 22 members of my group, one by one.  The hotel didn’t know which rooms needed one large bed or two beds.  This could have been avoided if they referred to my pre-arrival documents.

Eventually, we all had our rooms.  After that, we could change into more comfortable attire and begin enjoying our stay.  Paradise Beach Hotel is well-kept older hotel.  The grounds were covered with manicured beautiful mature plants, shrubs, and trees.  The pool was fresh and clean with plenty of chairs and lounges.  Our room was kept clean daily.  The free internet provided strong Wi-Fi at no extra charge.  The hotel staff was helpful and friendly.  There was a coffee maker in my room, but no coffee even though I requested it.  Drinking water was not readily available to every group member.

Restaurant, Grill, & Bar

Dining at the hotel was just okay.  The first morning we had a chef preparing eggs to order.  After that we only had large batches of scrambled or mass-prepared sunny side up eggs in a sauce.  We never saw the egg chef again.  Lack of coffee was very disappointing.  The restaurant opened at 7am.  Until the doors opened, no coffee was available.  The restaurant staff was friendly and courteous.  Most of us found the food barely adequate with overcooked meat and substandard fried foods left to long in the deep fryer with too much breading.  The desserts were mostly tasty and enjoyable.

Scuba Diving

Checking in at Cayuco Reef Divers was easy.  They had our names listed over our dive gear lockers.  The area was locked and protected after the days’ diving was completed.  The gear provided was new and dependable. We found the staff exceptionally friendly and helpful.  They transported our BCs and regulators to and from the boat each day rinsing them before putting them in our lockers.  We needed two boats to accommodate all 20 divers.  They rented a comfortable boat to handle half our group.  That boat was navigated by Edison, a friendly and helpful local Captain.  We had Barry & Tim as our dive masters most days.

The boat owned and operated by Cayuco Reef Divers was way too small with no place to easily put your gear or cameras.  We were tripping over each other and stepping on our neighbor’s feet.  There almost no shade to keep the Caribbean sun from pounding on us as we traveled to and from our dive sights.  That boat was captained by Brad with Sam & Bobby Mark as dive masters.

The Go Deep Scuba divers were very happy with the dive staff, including Karen at the shop.  They kept us all safe, pointed out interested sights and critters during our dives, made us feel comfortable above and below the surface, provided tasty treats after each dive, helped us put on our gear, helped each diver come back aboard the boat safely, and they provided smiles for us all day long.  Besides the unacceptable boat, the dive crew was excellent.

Special thanks to Jason for taking group photos at the Beach bar & restaurant.


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