Volivoli Fiji Sept/Oct 2023

Fiji Adventure at Volivoli

Go Deep Scuba had an amazing fantastic experience scuba diving and exploring the island of Vita Levu in the Rakiraki area on the northern shores of Fiji. I would give the Volivoli Resort a 5-Star rating. The hotel staff were over-the-top friendly treating our group of 14, like family. They prepared a group table for each meal enhancing the Go Deep Scuba group’s camaraderie.

Our group had a very positive experience with the Fijian people. The warmth and hospitality of the locals can truly enhance a travel experience. Feeling like family among the Fijian people is a testament to their welcoming and inclusive culture. It’s heartwarming when travel experiences create such strong connections.

Congratulations to Michele T becoming an Advanced Open Water PADI certified scuba diver!

Congratulations to Matt M on becoming an Enriched Air Nitrox certified diver!

Go Deep Scuba can certify YOU, too!

Our 10-Night stay at Volivoli was punctuated by a beautiful wedding between two Go Deep Scuba travelers, Nathan & Jen. The Volivoli staff went above and beyond to make our experience unforgettable by helping arrange a marriage ceremony on the South Pacific beach. It was a magical moment! The bride and groom honored me by asking me to officiate their wedding. I will always remember that special day drenched in sunlight close to sunset and listening to the waves lapping at the shore only a few feet from the altar.

Scuba diving with Ra Divers at Volivoli was easy. They offer valet diving and tons of experience, making our dives stress free. Our two main Dive Masters were Ben and Jesse. They took us to unique beautiful dives every day.  Most of the dives were on Pinnacles full of life including Octopus, Sharks, Nudibranchs, and an abundance of brightly colored fish. We were treated to several Octopus during the week. Octopuses are fascinating creatures to encounter underwater, even more special during our dives in daylight hours. Their ability to change colors and blend into their surrounding sis incredible. I even got “inked” by one when I unintentionally startled him.

We took advantage of the tours and experiences Volivoli offered. Non-divers and divers alike, went on tours to a local Village. We walked to a picturesque waterfall.  Before we were allowed to walk up to the waterfall, our group was met in the village community building by many of the village people.  The Chief honored us with a prayer and welcomed us to his village. Everyone in our group was accompanied by a villager who helped us navigate the somewhat treacherous and slippery trek from the village up to the falls. It was a wonderful experience. Many of the experiences offered by Volivoli were led by Soni, an ex-employee of the resort. He gave us history lessons and explained the Fijian culture for our group. Each night we enjoyed a beach BBQ, Meke celebrations, singing, and dancing. And, of course, we drank Kava!

I highly recommend Volivoli as a destination resort. You will enjoy the stunning views from your rooms, the fantastic meals, great diving, once-in-a-lifetime interactions with the Fijian people.

Underwater photos from our 2023 adventure

Topside photos from September 29

Amazing Tiger Shark Video

of the 2023 Fiji Adventure

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