Palau Aggressor II October 2021

Carefree Diving on the Palau Aggressor II

Including yours truly, 13 adventurous scuba divers joined Go Deep Scuba on the Palau Aggressor II in Palau from October 9-17, 2021. The crew was exceptional!  We enjoyed wonderfully prepared meals three times a day.  In between meals, we devoured the homemade breads and snacks offered.  Personally, I spent over 16 hours under the surface making 19 dives. The Aggressor staff made us feel welcome and comfortable the moment we arrived.  We were met at the airport in Koror and transported to the yacht even though it was late at night. We awoke the next morning to a breakfast prepared for each individual, listened to the pre-trip indoctrination, then started our diving!

The biggest problem I had after returning home after the liveaboard adventure was readjusting to cooking my own meals.  We were spoiled rotten by the crew with fabulous meals three times a day and comfortable rooms cleaned twice a day. All we did for the entire week was eat, sleep, and dive our butts off.  It was a tough week, but someone had to do it.

The staff worked with the Palau-mandated Covid-19 requirements.  Not a single person tested positive before, during, or after the adventure. It was a challenge flying to Palau through Hawaii with mounds of paperwork and online documents needing to be filled out, but that did not deter our group from having a fabulous week diving the beautiful, plentiful dive sites of Palau.

I commend the group that put their trust in Go Deep Scuba.  You are a special breed of people displaying your adventurous spirits refusing to stay at home during these challenging times. Be proud of your positive attitude and know that I appreciate your faith in choosing Go Deep Scuba to prepare our adventure taking care of your needs and answering all your questions ahead of time.  You have many choices of were to dive and who you dive with.  I am grateful for the opportunity.

The Palau Aggressor II adventure was a success, I vouch for their operation!

Here are some pictures and videos.  I hope you enjoy them!


Topside Photos

Under Water Photos

Video 1

2-minute video created by Wayne

Video 2

18-minute video

created by Ernan on the Palau Aggressor II

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