Iberostar Cozumel March 6-13 2021

Diving with Dressel Divers at Iberostar Cozumel

Including yours truly, 15 people joined Go Deep Scuba at the luxury resort of Iberostar on Mexico’s largest island. We had 12 scuba divers and 3 more vacationers that wanted a week of fun and sun! Personally, I spent over 12 hours under the surface making 14 dives. Iberostar made us feel welcome and comfortable the moment we arrived.  With the help of Dressel Divers, many of us pre-registered for our rooms and scuba diving, making it even easier to check in.

We were scheduled to make our first dives Sunday morning, but the harbor was closed due to high winds.  About half our group rented scooters, heading off to the southern part of Cozumel to enjoy the spectacular views that part of the island has to offer. Unfortunately, one of them had a mishap on her scooter resulting in a broken wrist. Let me take this opportunity to reinforce the wisdom of taking out trip insurance before taking an adventure abroad.

Iberostar excels at customer service at the front desk, housekeeping, grounds keepers, and restaurant personnel.  The food was readily available and delicious.  The staff served us to keep any Covid-19 contamination at bay.  Every member received a Covid-19 test before we checked out as mandated by the US government.  All of us tested negative.

Dressel Divers has an outstanding group of staff working at their dive shop located conveniently at the Iberostar dock.  Naza is the shop manager.  He introduced himself to me within minutes of arriving at the resort. As the group leader, I was impressed with Naza’s 5-star customer service.  Every other member of the shop staff and dive instructors were polite and accommodating. The boats were clean and efficient. The boat Captain and deck hand were on top of their game.

Overall, the Iberostar and Dressel Divers experience was outstanding.  I vouch for their operation!

Here are some pictures and videos (video coming soon).  I hope you enjoy them!

Topside photos from Iberostar 2021

Under Water Photos

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