Cozumel Adventure October 2018

Cozumel is a very popular destination for divers all over the world.  They come to dive the breath-taking walls, explore the gorgeous pinnacles, cruise the deep sea canyons, and swim with the colorful plentiful fish along the World’s 2nd largest coral reef.

Go Deep Scuba visited this wonderful area during the week of October 6-13 enjoying excellent dives at Cedral, Paradise, Palancar Gardens, Yucab Grande, Chankanaab, Santa Rosa Wall, Tormentos, & Delilah.

Scuba Club Cozumel is a Resort Built for Divers

SCC has their own dive shop, boats, and dive masters who accompany you on each dive.  We were grateful to have one of the best dive masters, Nestor, for our underwater guide on the Dive Cat.

This year Go Deep Scuba welcomed Polly Griffith, Paul & Debbie Bertini, Tracy Lawrence, May Chin, Krista Shirley, & Frank Zeller.

Briefly, here is what we did during our stay

The resort is within easy walking distance of San Miguel where you will find plentiful shops and many other sources of entertainment.  We walked to town Sunday morning when we normally would have gone diving since tropical storm Michael was directly adjacent to the island creating too much wind and high waves to allow the boats to go out.  It was still to rough on Monday, so we rented a van.  We had a delightful day on the southern area of Cozumel visiting the Rasta Bar & Grill and Coconuts.

Scuba Club Cozumel was very accommodating to reschedule the four dives we missed Sunday & Monday.  William, Raymundo, & Jose work at the SCC Dive Shop.  Those three and their team were extremely professional and helpful during our week.

We enjoyed the wonderful buffet breakfast served by the friendly staff each morning.  They had coffee ready by 6:30 each morning.  We either at the specially prepared lunch special or ordered off the menu each day after our two morning dives.  We had delicious meals every evening either at the Fat Grouper or in the dining area every night.

Enjoy videos and pictures of our trip in the Gallery section

Videos Taken at Cozumel

Here are some of the photos we took in Cozumel

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